Cyclospora “Season” Is Not Over Until November

We missed “Digging for Mummies” when the blog published an item about the “season” for Cyclospora.  From Nepal writer  

“Cyclospora season starts each year in May and peaks in June and July. The risk of infection decreases from August until the organism disappears altogether in November. Formerly known as “blue-green algae,” it is a protozoan parasite that infects the upper intestine causing profound fatigue, loss of appetite, and diarrhea….Untreated, the infection can last from two to twelve weeks….

“…7-11 percent of all expatriates living in Kathmandu during this season are affected each year. The risk is highest among new foreign residents...” (The CIWIC Clinic Health News, June 2006)

Thanks to CIWIC and a little something called Bactrim, the little parasite in my intestine will be gone for good in a matter of days.”

You can find the blog entry here.